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If it ain't Broken, Don't Fix it ...Too

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Thursday, May 15, 2003
For producers here in Australia, gaining support from the locals can be a frustrating exercise and with many taking their work directly overseas we should be grateful that upon completion of 'If it ain't broken, Don't fix it too' producer Frank G decided to give us one more chance.

"With this release, I had the track listing and artwork ready to go and I really didn't want to be promoting this in Australia. At the time I would rather have spent my money overseas because for the same amount of money I can get ten times the amount of people buying the album and ironically that would probably create more interest here."

Frank G, DJ and Producer for AKA (Artists Known As) has been in the business for ten years which included a five year stint in Europe and he is once again responsible for the inspiring breaks compilation 'If it ain't broken, Don't fix it' version two.

Presented in an unmixed CD format this album finishes where the first one left off by exposing listeners to the exceptional level of talent that exists within our local breaks scene. On the album you will find a diverse and complex range of sounds from Brewster B, Scrambler, Shane Ford, Infusion and Keltec.

In addition there is also a second CD which has been mixed by Cairns DJ Jeremy Judd, the winner of the first 'If it ain't broken, Don't fix it, MIX it' competition. A prize that has given little known Jeremy some new found stardom and for those wanting to try their hand at mixing it up this time around, the competition is going ahead with one small change."

"We got a lot of response last time so we are definitely doing it again only this time we leaving the software out so it will be left up to the individual as to what they use."

The concept for the album series began with a late night overseas phone call from an excited Phil K.

"Phil called me in the middle of the night to say how well the breaks scene was going in Melbourne and on my return I saw a lot of people doing a lot in breaks but no one was really doing anything together, it was all in competition. So this compilation has been a way of getting everyone who is a part of the scene working together."

For Frank this was the easiest album he has ever had to put together as all the producers involved were more than eager to do their part.

"The tracks came to us and everyone offered help when it was needed. It has been the best and easiest compilation I have ever done."

Despite the music selling game being a hard one to play here in Australia Frank explains that the first album did do extremely well.

"The first one went very well, 4 times better than expected so I am glad that we have got it to the next stage with a second release, ultimately I would like to speed the process up a little more and do one every few months, there are a lot of artists who are so well known overseas but not here in Australia and it would be nice to do something about that."

If it ain't Broken, Don't Fix it Too is out now through AKA

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