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TranZfusion - Celebrating 8 Years - Part One

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Thursday, September 18, 2003
A lot of thought goes into the planning of just when one should throw a party and we chose Friday October 10 to celebrate our 8 years in cyber space as it holds many a great moment of significance.

On October 10 James 'Midge Ure' was born, as was Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp, two very stylish and prolific members of the new wave movement, who the more senior TranZfusion members will have certainly grown up with.

For those who related to the more glamorous side of rock'n'roll, then the legend that is David Lee Roth will be with you and the cheeky John Prine who sang 'Lets Talk Dirty In Hawaiin' will be looking over those who want to get a little lucky.

The more scientific and mathematically minded will be guided by 'The Father of American Engineering' Benjamin Wright, who died on this day and for those who like it metric, October 10 1796 was the day the Metric System was born.

Fun and frivolity should always prevail at a good party and conveniently October 10 was when the game Twister was introduced, eccentric movie producer ED Wood entered the world, Snoopy jumped onto his doghouse for the first time and the first ever package of detergent went on sale.

Needless to say, that when TranZfusion Celebrates 8 Years on Friday October 10 2003, it will be remembered for the good time vibes of yesteryear, the cooky crazy behaviour of its punters, and the fine precision with which the DJs worked the crowd into a frenzy with their intoxicating blend of house, trance, electro, techno, breaks, progressive and old skool.

TranZfusion - Celebrating 8 Years
Friday October 10
Seven Nightclub
Tickets $10 TranZfusion members $15 non members for discounted entry and drink cards

Industry (invite Only)
Kandyman (house/chillout)
Hamish (LIVE) (electronic)

DJ Lineup Mainroom
Dean Millson (prog breaks)
Feelix (breaks electro)
Phunk De Sonique LIVE
RA (AUM Records) (electro/techno)
d-JCB (electro)
PDT (techno)
Aaron Roach (old skool house/breaks/trance/techno)

Fractured Breaks Lounge Room
Escape Project
Mc Direkt
MC Blue

Fractured Upstairs
Ben Stacey