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Vertex - Its what you've been waiting for

Author: michelle pirovich
Tuesday, March 11, 2003
'My theory is to bring all the separate club cultures of Sydney together in a 'want to be at' environment.' For the last two months, one of clubbings most organised promoters, Louise Kneen-McDaid has been plotting and planning her dream night -'Vertex' - Sydney's most anticipated club night.

For some time now Louise and many others around her have become increasingly aware of the void that currently exists in Sydney's nightlife.

'Sydney's nightlife has its ups and down's, the same as anywhere really. I just haven't been too impressed with it lately because I feel that we are just going around and around in the same old circles.'

Unlike most of us though, Louise made the decision to get up and revitalise Sydney's club life and she is excited, very excited.

'We need this! You know that change that you have been looking for- I've got it, after party and recovery supplied.'

As Louise explains, the idea behind 'Vertex' is painfully simple. 'FUN FUN FUN! It's all about having an atmosphere created by good time vibes, with a touch of homeliness, familiarity, and friendliness.'

The intended 'Vertex' vibe has also been well reflected in the venue chosen.

'V'bar has just been built, it's all ours and to call it lush is an understatement. Fantastic lighting, a warm clean cut design, new sound, a back bar, sink in lounges, and a barman who does table service, everyone should come and look for themselves. On a practical note it is located right in the city under the World Tower at Town Hall and there is plenty of on site parking.'

Musically, 'Vertex' will be serving up a mish mash of sounds, catering for lovers of breaks, dnb, house, trance and those who like their music sprinkled with a touch of acid.

'Variety makes for a happier crowd, we all go up and down according to the music around us, so resident DJ's Mike Watkins, Pan the Man, Dave Forward and Luna will be taking care of the crowd from every musical angle.'

Having been a night crawler for as long as she can remember, 'I never went to bed when I was supposed to - I guess it's in the blood.' Louise has had to a lot of work to turn 'Vertex' into a reality.

'There is a lot of trial and error, if you have an idea, put it forward and test the response. Once you get started the ideas just kept on coming!!'

Of course, you can't get by without a little help from your friends.

'On my team are about 150 of my best friends. Plus our sponsors and supporters: Spraci, Spank Records, Mr Mark Murphy, In-denial clothing, TranZfusion and the venue itself.

Throughout it all though, Louise hasn't lost her perspective.

'So many club organisers and promoters automatically think they are better than every one else. I hate that mentality. If it wasn't for the clubbers we wouldn't be promoting, so I/we have to treat everyone with the respect they deserve.'

Like most clubbing cities there is a plethora of club nights to choose from, what is it then that makes 'Vertex' stand out from the rest-

'We want this to become the night people look forward to, the night they choose to go to rather than just going to whatever happens to be on. We will be completely dropping the 'attitude' that goes with night life by bringing everyone into an environment that naturally finds them having a good time. That plus the muddled strawberry shakes, sugar rimmed cocktails, and delicious food if needed.'

With everything now in place and ready to go I ask Louise what she is most looking forward to come opening night-

'Seeing my baby creation that I/we have all worked so hard on, come to life, that and the luscious lychee cocktails - ooh la la.'

Vertex takes place this Saturday, 15th March at V'bar
111 Liverpool Street, City, Sydney

Doors open 9pm, capacity is limited, so it is advised that you get there early to avoid disappointment.

Entry is $10 before 10.30 and $15 dollars after, (discounted entry with advertisements, e-ma