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Andy Caldwell Interview: Creativity Has No Schedule

Author: &ru - Andrew Edelsten
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Andy Caldwell is the quintessential nice guy. He's unassuming, easy going and willing to talk to anyone. Furthermore, he's got some serious talent. Caldwell is, by anyone's standards, a big name in house music and has released a plethora of solid house tracks in his time. Added to his productions is a touring schedule that would rival that of the Rolling Stones during the early 1970s. He certainly knows about hard work. All this labour of love is now coming to fruition as Andy launches his debut artist album on the highly respected house label OM Records. 'Universal Truth' comprises 12 tracks and looks set to be a great release for Andy and OM. One of the singles from the album, Brand New Day, has already been receiving serious support and Don't You Love Me was a highlight of OM's 'Miami 2006' compilation. It's fair to say that this nice guy certainly ain't gonna finish last.

AE: A new release and you're back putting out an album with OM Records; does it take you back to releasing 'Illusion' (as part of Soulstice)-
AC: It does in a way as it's like I've gone full circle. I got my start with OM and it's great to be back there putting out this album with them. I really like working with OM and know most of the people there. They're a great bunch, nice to hang out with and we all have similar interests which makes it a really good working situation.

AE: You've released a ton of singles and remixes for some huge labels (including Ministry of Sound, Yoshitoshi, Virgin Records, Hed Kandi and Naked Music). Is there something in particular you try to focus on when producing a song-
AC: Producing a song is a tricky thing to do there's no doubt. I try to not put too many restrictions on myself. I just try to write when the creative juices are flowing. I can't schedule time to be creative so I just write when I feel like it. And that can be any time.

AE: When I last spoke to Carl Cox he said he liked to hum melodies or record sounds into his phone even midway through conversations. Do you do that type of thing-
AC: Oh definitely. I sing melodies and beats into my phone all the time - you just can't let a good melody get away! Plenty of those little recordings actually make it into full releases.

AE: How do you decide when the timing is right to release a full album rather than an EP or a series of singles- I'd imagine that sometimes you finish a song and go "wow, I gotta get this out" but you have to hold it until the rest are ready to roll-
AC: Well yeah, it's certainly a lot of work to bring an album together. It's a challenge and different from producing a string of tracks. With 'Universal Truth' I tried to refrain from putting tracks on the album that were too modern (in a sense). I wanted to create a more classic sound. A sound that you could listen to in many years time and still enjoy. Doing that is hard but I've tried to make that classic sound to the best of my abilities.

AE: The album's linchpin is Don't You Love Me. That track received great attention at WMC [the Miami Winter Music Conference] and was on OM's awesome 'Miami 2006' compilation. You must be very happy with it.
AC: Oh absolutely! Don't You Love Me is one of my favourite tracks on the album. My actual favourite is Warrior so be sure to check that out.

AE: I'll be listening intently to the whole album as soon as the postman gets it to me! And while we're talking about WMC, how was it for you this year- Plenty of craziness-
AC: It was bigger and crazier than ever before. I seem to say that every year! This year was particularly good. I had an amazing time and saw and partied with plenty of old friends.

AE: Has WMC has changed from a bunch of DJs and label executives to a more party atmosphere-
AC: For sure. It's like the Ibiza summer compressed into a week! But really it's the best way to work I think. You have to go and party with people and have a