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D-Nox interview: D-Nox in DeMand

Author: Terry Goldfain
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Referring to a Djs style as 'eclectic'has become almost as cliched as any other dance media buzz terminology. Yet how else can you describe the likes of Christian Wedekind aka D-Nox who cites his major influences as including Laurent Garnier and Sven Väth and is held in high regard by the psy-trance community after blitzing the Rainbow Serpent festival two years in a row. Additionally, he outshone even James Holden at last years St Kilda festival, converting many of the day's horde of people who have since learnt that there is an alternative to 'pub rock'. Yet D-Nox is best known internationally by progressive fans for his collaborations with Frank Beckers. While having made a name for himself as a DJ a number of years ago, his studio work with Beckers, often to be found on Melbourne label Vapour Recordings, has made them one of the most requested live acts in the world as well as greatly benefiting their individual careers. Having played in all five continents in 2005 and countless countries, D-Nox found time to talk about the upcoming Australian tour, his two resurrected record labels and explains why he's still happy with the DJ alias of D-Nox, chosen when he was 17, despite admitting that 17 year olds don't think much about anything"

Where did the name "D-nox" come from-
There is no proper meaning behind this name. Its just something I had to use because I didnt like my real name. I mean I was 17 years old when it came up to my first gigs and you know how it is. You are young and dont think much about anything. I was always sure that I needed a name which different, and most of all short, so that everybody can dig it fast.

As you just mentioned, when you are 17 you don't put too much thought into this kind of thing. So, if I was possible to go back in time would you choose a different DJ alias-
While this isn't something I spend a lot of time thing about, just last week I was talking to somebody on the plane back from Greece about this subject. I´m not sure if I would do change it as I´m quite happy with D-Nox even if it is very popular these days to use your given name. I still think it is helpful to have a name which is short, different and recognisable.

There is no ideal way of deciding what name you want to go by. As we can all see there are plents of weird, funny or even strange names around. Some of them have even become very famous. Still, I think a artists name should be kind of easy, short and cool and before you start to look for any fantasy names like 'DJ Blue Bird' or 'DJ Wide Ocean', it's better to keep your own name.

You've had a lot of success with your productions, particularly with Beckers over the last year. What sort of progress do you feel you've made and where do you think you can go from here-
Yes thats right, we had a great year. He is the best partner I can imagine having. We don't think much about how and why or change the way we act or do things because of our recent success. We just do what we are able to without worrying about pressure or structures. We let it flow and see where it takes us.

Is there ever a disadvantage to being so closely linked to another artist-
Not really since most of the time we never play at the same parties. Of course it happens on ocassion, but this makes us feel even better. So far there have been no bad experiences and Beckers is a grown man, who has his own way of thinking and we're both mature enough to apppreciate each others talents and attributes. I hope that we both can take advantage of being studio partners, even if not every tracks we create is D-Nox & Beckers.

Which artists have really impressed you over recent years-
Not many. When it all started for me 15 years ago it was different. Then I was looking up to other acts like Laurent Garnier or Sven Väth, but these days I dont have anybody that really impresses me. I like some artist because they are able to invent new styles and ways how to us