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Groove Armada interview: House Grooves, Party Spirit & Pure Pacha

Author: Nikki Wright
Monday, July 31, 2006
Over the last decade, Groove Armada have established themselves as one of the world's most successful dance music acts with their trademark Balearic house sound. In a match made in heaven, they team up with Pacha over the summer in a special treat for Ibiza's annual pilgrimage of hedonistic tourists.

You're joining Pete Tong to play at his Pure Pacha nights in Ibiza this summer. Are you looking forward to it-
Of course. Friday's at Pacha has a legendary status.

Have you played with Pete at any other venues around the world this year-
We've passed a couple of times in airports, but are yet to share the DJ booth in '06

Pure Pacha will celebrate its 4th successful year on the island this season. What do you think has made it such a success-
Attention to detail combined with an understanding of what Pacha is all about.

What do you think about Jade Jagger teaming up with Pete to host the Global room with her Jezebel Parties- Will you be partying with her-
I'm not going to turn down a dance with Jade.

Pacha is one of the most famous clubbing brands in the world. What is so special about playing at Pacha in Ibiza-
It's a unique atmosphere in there. Then there's the setting the whole club provides, and it's also about becoming part of that history.

Have you played at any of Pacha's other 20+ worldwide franchises-
Still waiting for the invite, though I hear talk of Marrakech at the moment.

What can we expect from your set at Pure Pacha-
It's about combining proper house grooves with the party spirit

Are you playing at any pre parties before you set at Pure Pacha-
I shall be at Mambo as always

Where will we find you after your set- Do you have a favourite place where you like to continue partying-
It varies - back at the villa, driving around the mountains trying to find somebody else's, walking the streets trying to decide which way, the beach if it's daylight, es vive bar if it's not....

When it all gets a bit much, where is your favourite place to get away from it all and chilllout-
Ibiza's full of these kind of places. Es Torrent is a favourite, or taking a boat over to that seafood place in the sand on formenterra.

Describe your perfect day in Ibiza…
Around the pool am. Couple of lunchtime beers, then off to small seashore restaurant. Few bottles of rose. Doze. Swim in sea. Shower then off to Rock Bar. Around town for a while, then dinner under the stars in the hills. Go on manouveres til it's getting hot again. Repeat.

When was your first visit to Ibiza and what was it like-
1988. Me and a friend thought we'd cut down accomodation costs by using an 18-30 hotel. It was a mistake. Most of the holiday was spent going up and down the westend in San Antonio, before we used up everything we had catching the bus to a night at Pacha. On the road there and back, we realised that we weren't getting the best of the island, but couldn't afford to leave the hotel for the last week. So we drank vodka on the balcony and looked at girls.

And finally, what current projects are you working on- Do you have any productions or albums in the pipeline we can look forward too-
A new Groove Armada album is in the pipeline. It's on the brink of being something special.....