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Q&A - Nick Skitz

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007
'Nick Skitz'. It's kind of difficult to write a lead-in for someone that could probably whip one up faster than he produces a mix. With his Skitzmix series now reaching number 26, Skitz is hitting the road to promote the new album and caught up with us before the bus heads off into the sunset to perform to the masses...

You've been around for a bloody long time, Nick. You've worked with countless people, remixed just about everything out there, made the charts all over the world and you're now about to tour for a new album. What keeps you in the game-
You have to have a balance in life and obviously the passion for music. After all these years, I still love what I do and I have more fire to succeed than ever. I also have to keep with the times, as the market is changing everyday

The number of compilations you've released is akin to the likes of Global Underground and Fabric, yet there's only one person in control of the Skitzmix. How do you maintain a consistent balance while remaining in a place that ensures the longevity of the series-
I like everything to be perfect, so I don't want anybody meddling with my business as I strive for 100 per cent quality control. As the old saying goes, if you want something done properly, do it yourself.

It's well known that you effectively pioneered the 'megamix' craze in Australia, a movement that has recently re-surfaced in popularity. What do you think attracts listeners to hearing their favourite cuts knocked up into a dance beat-
I think it's the novelty factor, listening to a bunch of songs all mashed up. I love the challenge that's involved in a Megamix. It takes a lot of imagination and patience to make one.

You've been able to spend some time in your own studio for personal projects. What kind of sounds have you got in the pipeline- Do you ever try to cut some records that are completely opposite to what's found on the record shelves-
I'm actually in the middle of making my own solo album as we speak, which will be out sometime next year. I'll be able to showcase some different styles with some well known artists.

Most DJs rely on having that one record in their crate that will light up a dance floor. In your case, you've got a bloody crate load of big records of your own. Is it always a great feeling to see that your cuts are doing the business with the audience-
Nothing beats putting a crowd into a frenzy, especially when it's your own production that they're going off to.

You pay attention to the feedback provided by the punters - a rare position in a scene that is renowned for being smug. How much of the feedback goes into the records-
Basically, I make music for people to enjoy, so their input is always welcomed. I also play in small remote towns, whereas a lot of deejays would snub them because it's 'too cool for old school'. I've always kept a 'Robin Hood' approach by trying to give back as much as I can to everybody.

Your Melbourne gig is looking to be a highly anticipated show. You're only doing one show this year in the southern city, so what can your fans down there expect-
I want everybody to come with a party attitude because we're gonna party like its 1999…basically big tracks and a happy atmosphere is what I'm expecting.

Catch Nick Skitz in Melbourne this Friday the 12th at Billboard 'The Venue' - cnr Russell and Little Bourke St

For those who cannot attend, fear not - the night will be recorded and streamed from the site the following week. Get your computer glowsticks ready!