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Xzibit Doesn't Call Rove 'Racist'

Author: TranZfusion
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
In a bizarre turnaround, Xzibit has decided Rove isn't the racist, but Rove Live is racist instead. Talk about 'whack'.

With a quick mood change from yesterday's tantrum, posting on his Myspace blog...again... the plastic gangster decides English is his first language and gives insight into what he believes was a total misunderstanding. If you've not got Myspace, here's the rundown:

"The fact that this Rove thing is actually NEWS is pretty lame. I wrote a blog on my myspace page while everyone else seems to want to run to the newspapers and other media outlets to protect themselves.

"Listen I was there to do what I was asked to do I was never introduced to Rove himself, So me saying he's racist may have been taken like a direct insult, but that is the name of his show so I had nothing else to refer to but ROVE when describing where I was.

Alot of people coming on to my site to express themselves about that night some good some off the mark. its just all traffic to me. Maybe Rove isnt a racist, Just ignorant to what his staff is doing in his behalf. IF you have a problem with what I say in my blogs.....stay off my site people."

So with a blog entitled 'Rove The Racist', it's pretty hard to think about the show being classed singularly, and I can't remember the last time a TV entity could be classed as 'The Racist'. How can 'Rove Live' be the racist- Is there something going on down there that we don't know about-

In other news, ticket sales have been poor for the rest of the rapper's Australian shows (probably...we don't know).