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Arno Cost - At All Cost

Author: 3D
Monday, 14 July 2008
While Parisian DJ/producer Arno Cost may not think too highly of his own local scene (see below) he's more than happy to travel half way around the world to invade our own. And quite frankly, we're more than happy with that. 3D had a chat with the disco house maestro.

Yourself and two friends - Norman Doray and Pierre de la Touche - were signed to Serial Records in January 2006; how did you get your start as a producer-
I started making music when I was 13. A friend gave me software called Dance eJay. My influences were artists like Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar etc. and Euro dance. Later I got the famous software Fruity Loops and I am still working on it!

Soon after being signed your collaboration with Arias, Magenta, became one of the most played tunes at the Amsterdam Dance Event - was its success a surprise to you-
Yeah, we were very surprised. Everywhere people were listening to electro, dark house music etc. And Magenta was a colourful, melodic track - more housey. I think maybe people wanted something else, and we are lucky to have released the track in this time.

What are you working on in the studio at the moment-
I've just finished with my friend Norman a remix for Cube Guys on Ministry of Sound. Now I'm working on a new remix for Joia Records and new tracks.

You've mentioned Italo-Disco and the 'French touch' genres as two of your main musical influences; are there any artists on your list of dream collaborations-
I would love to work with Axwell. He really has a great sound and very good vibes in his music. I also like Laidback Luke's stuff.

As a Parisian DJ and producer, what do you find are the most exciting and innovative clubs in the French capital-
Currently, clubbing in France is very bad. I don't like to play here anymore. People don't really like electronic music and don't go out in clubs.

You have a packed tour schedule for the next few months, how do you balance producing music with constant touring-

I try to find time when I travel, to work on my tracks, remixes etc. It's important not to forget that making music is the most important, even if you are touring.

You're coming out to Sydney with Norman Doray this August, do you have anything special planned for the Freedom Festival set-
We will come with our new tracks, new remixes and some of our bootlegs that will burn the dancefloor. We are looking forward to coming!

WHO: Arno Cost
WHAT: Plays Freedom Festival, Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Saturday 23 August