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Chris Fraser - Home Away From Home

Author: Jane Stabler
Monday, 19 May 2008
3D's Jane Stabler talks to Sydney-based DJ Chris Fraser about his former town, Canberra, and his role in the new Raw mix-cd.

Despite all the bagging it still gets, Canberra is steadily building its reputation for producing some pretty cool musical talents. Although he now resides in Sydney, one such funky export is big room anthem style DJ Chris Fraser, who admits that people are often a little surprised to hear from where he hails.

'Most people go 'Canberra, right - they have nightclubs there-' but I gave up getting all huffy about that kind of thing a long time ago,' he says. 'I worked out of Canberra for over a decade and made my living DJing and making music and writing for press and doing radio and had a ball. Before I moved I was running a club called Academy that came in the top three in the bartender nightclub of the year finals, and I had a residency where I played to 1800 people every week. So there's shitloads going on there now, I actually miss it. I know it's been said for years that there's something in the water - but I think it's just a really good environment to just get on with business. There's less distractions - you can just get on with shit and get your stuff done. Now that I live here there's a lot of distraction, but there's a lot more opportunities so it kind of balances out.'

Making a new life for himself in Sydney, balance is certainly something that Fraser needs to handle all the aspects he includes in his work. Working with both his own sound, and the sounds of other artists, Fraser works across all aspects of his trade. Having just released a new remix album, but also still producing in his own right, the DJ admits that the lines of what have been recognised as mutually exclusive skills when it comes to DJing are beginning to blur.

'They're pretty different things,' he considers of areas of his music making, 'although the lines blur a lot these days. Writing your own originals or doing a remix is a little world that has all its own charms and it's what the DJ has evolved to be. You have to become one who is playing with it, tweaking it but also producing it and doing the production stuff as well. Doing a mix-CD is a pretty different process, you're basically taking finished work and sticking it together to make something new. You can take elements of the remix process and include it in the mix-CD process. Everything you do, they're all pieces of the puzzle - you do tours, you have your CD, which is a big reason for the tour, and having your remixes out and it all forms part of the big beautiful picture that is DJing in the '00s.'

WHO: Chris Fraser
WHAT: Raw Vol. 2 through Central Station
WHEN: Out now