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Hellraiser - Pinhead-Bangers

Author: 3D
Monday, 21 July 2008
3D gets a treat from Melbourne hardstyle DJ Hellraiser - a special World Youth Day themed playlist. See you in hell.

Over the years you have played at some pretty massive events, how does Utopia compare and what makes it special-
Every time I play at an event anywhere in the world they all have their own special something to serve up. Utopia will be massive for me as it will be my first show for Powerhouse Productions in Sydney, and from all that I have heard from people it sounds like it will be one hell of a night! A massive, hyped crowd, insane light shows, pounding sound; this is just some of what I have heard. Just that in itself is enough to get me very excited and honoured to play as the main act at such a great event.

Do you have to think differently about what you'll play for a gig up in Sydney, as opposed to a regular set in your hometown of Melbourne-
In Sydney I have found I can always push it harder than I can in Melbourne. It makes sense though, I have been into the Sydney scene as much as the Melbourne scene for years and Sydney has always been mad on the hardcore sound, while at the same time Melbourne has always been huge on the techno and trance side of things, until recently. Melbourne is now crazy about the hardstyle and I usually even slip a Neophyte hardcore track in as my finale at any night so it's getting a lot better in Melbourne now.

Tell us a bit about the idea behind your Grindhouse parties- You're obviously a Tarantino fan-
Well, where do I begin with my idea for the event Grindhouse- I had been playing around with the idea of doing an event that caters for the hard crowd directly and at the time I had just heard about Rodriguez and Tarantino re-inventing the grindhouse genre of film, which also just happened to be one of the things I was obsessed with when I was about seven and still love now. I decided this night needed to be my fucked up collective of knowledge on the genre grindhouse but applied to music instead of film. Coming up with a way to do this was not easy. My general idea was to theme two rooms in a grindhouse fashion with a double bill flyer presenting it as two dirty hard parties for the price of one.

Considering your close stylistic alignment to black metal, would you ever dabble in recording industrial or metal with a band- Have you ever-
Haha, I get asked this by a lot of people. I did have a short time where I did vocals for a band but they were shit so I left them. I'm actually thinking about doing something again soon. I will do the vocals again but I want this to be some dark and very fucking heavy shit so it will take a bit to get a sound I'm happy with. I will also fuse as much dance into it as possible. I would still keep the dance production number one priority because it is what I will always love most.

Finally, for a bit of fun, as the Dark Lord of Australian Hard Dance, could you compile a top five setlist for World Youth Day-
I'm the dark lord of Australian hard dance- Awesome! Does that come with tax exemption- Haha, what five tunes would I recommend for World Youth Day-
Well, I think Dimmu Borgir's Progenies of the Great Apocalypse (anti-religious), Pila meets Hellraiser - Legion for We Are Many (anti-religious & angry), Neophyte - Drugs (pro drugs), Zany - Freaks (everyone should be a freak), and Drugface - Fill Me With Drugs & Fuck Me For Hours (a song about enjoying certain things). Would I qualify as a youth ambassador-

WHO: Hellraiser
WHAT: Plays Utopia Homegrown, Acer Arena
WHEN: Saturday 9 August