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Kid Dub - Kidding Around

Author: Rezo
Monday, 28 July 2008
After spending his childhood travelling the world Kid Dub found that in order to get ahead, he had to develop a passion - music. 3D's Rezo has a chat on the eve of his Australian tour.

You've had some pretty extensive travel experience. How did you find all that travel as a youngster-
It was like growing up on the go - as anyone else in my shoes will tell you, it sucks. You're constantly leaving friends and having to start over again, you're always an outcast. Throw in an education and what you get is me learning to rely on what I can provide to myself: my passion for music.

Do you think that helped or hindered you-
It helped me realise how much I love music, but hindered me in the sense that had I been somewhere more influential, I probably would have accomplished more than what I have now. However, I have no regrets for anything in life. I like who and what I am, and where I am.

How have you evolved over the years- How would you describe your style now-
Like any true musician I evolve, so through the years I move to where I find the production to be stimulating and interesting. As for my style right now I have different pseudonyms for different styles of production. This helps me to be clear about what I am trying to do within each project. Kid Dub is a touch minimal, a touch techno, a sprinkle of electro and some badass groove!

What are your major influences and inspirations, musically and otherwise-
I have to say family. Some of my aunts were jazz singers; one of my uncles is a famous jazz guitarist in Asia. My mother was into rhythm and blues and disco while my father was into rock and blues. My mum was even a radio DJ at one point! The influence was there, but took a turn in my own direction when I discovered electronic music. I found myself being heavily influenced by Aphex Twin and Warp Records and resulted in years of devoting myself to drum n bass. That definitely shows up in my electro production with the energy and aggression I tend to select. I do find myself playing a lot of deep music these days too!

What is your studio setup like-
My studio is my private domain! I have a wide selection of monitoring gear which I find is the most important aspect of putting a studio together - if you don't know what you're listening to forget trying to make a good mix down!

Give us a current Top 5.
Kid Dub - Congo. This I am so proud of! I'm in love with grooves like this and the support I've been getting from it has been tremendous - and it's a bomb for the crowds!
Style of Eye - Girls. He's got a sound I am totally nuts about. And he's into the same kind of bended weird synth lines as I am!
Zoo Brazil - Ten Inch Nails. I got his new album on promo a while ago and it's the nuts I tell you!
John Dahlback - Pyramid. No explanation necessary! OK, I love producers who just knock 'em out. John has a good seven other aliases and is constantly releasing music under all these names.
The Ties - Seven Stars. Minimal, electro, techno and full of attitude.

Finally, what can we expect from your performances in Australia-
More than anything I'm hoping the Australian crowd will let me do what I want, accept it, and fuel their energy into it! If this does happen you can be sure that I'm going to only pull the crème de la crème out of my record bag! I like to be varied and play a lot of genres, so when the crowd has an open mind it's a beautiful moment for clubbing.

WHO: Kid Dub
WHAT: Plays Moulin Nights at Moulin Rouge
WHEN: Saturday 2 August