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Luke Fair - Fair Play, Aye

Author: 3D
Monday, 28 July 2008
Canadian DJ Luke Fair is bringing his self-confessed 'polka-infused experimental deathcore' grooves to Freedom Festival. We presume he also means 'house'. 3D had a chat.

What's been happening this year for Luke Fair- Has it been non-stop touring-
So far this year has been up and down. The touring has been great with lots of memorable shows, but I lost loads of my new production to a computer virus early this year. I had taken off a month to work on it as well. I'm just getting everything going again. I've also hopped on board the Discoteca label, which I'll be promoting from now on.

We spoke with you in 2006 and you mentioned that if an artist album were ever on the cards for you, it'd be a few years off - are you any closer in 2008-
As I've mentioned I lost a load of new production, so right now I'm just trying to get my next singles done. They are coming along nicely though!

What's exciting you in house music at the moment- Any sounds, genres or producers in particular-
There's lots of great stuff coming out at the moment. I have never been big on the current minimal movement, so it's nice to see some melody coming back. I'd have to say Chymera, for me, is the best producer out there right now. He's making such amazing music that sits right in between house and techno. I'm at the point where I can buy his releases without even listening to them. Dana Bergquist is another guy making incredible tracks right now, as well as being one my favourite DJs. Ian Pooley's newest album really did it for me, too.

Is Argentina still your favourite place on the planet to visit and play, or have you discovered a new Eden of club life recently-
Argentina is still great, but I've had a lot of great shows in the past year that have entered my list of favourites. BO 18 in Beirut was fantastic, especially without having much of an impression before going over there. The club is basically underground in a bunker. I just got back from Budapest which is becoming one my favourite places as well. I love being able to play the deeper stuff, which I rarely get to do, and the crowds in Budapest are up for that.

Finally, what's at the top of your play list for this upcoming tour of Oz-
Probably a couple of Chymera tunes, and Dana Bergquist's newest one, Sydney.

WHO: Luke Fair
WHAT: Plays Freedom Fest, Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Saturday 23 August