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G Force - Fasten Your Seatbelts

Author: Rezo
Monday, April 6, 2009

3D’s Rezo takes some time with local success and obese signing G Force, whose debut LP Clouded is seeing him stand out from the crowd.

“I was looking for something to do growing up,” begins G Force, AKA Gareth Macdonald, recalling his path to hip hop acclaim.  “It was the music I was listening to when I was younger; my mum knew I was into hip hop and a guy at her work gave her a 2 Live Crew tape and that was it. I went through a few stages and got a few thoughts out onto paper; I was just the typical teenager coming up in hip hop. Mates into freestyle and stuff, you know- In 2007 I did a nine track EP with a few original tracks, and then wanted to find something a bit deeper. Now I’m into music that has meaning.”

G-Force is yet another local boy done good, taken under the wing of the mighty stable Obese Records. With his debut album titled Clouded, he is not only excited about the culmination of years of hard work, but also quietly confident about its success. “Clouded is where you’re coming from and where you’re going. Things that are going on around you and things happening with friends,” he explains of the concept. “I did the City Landscapes EP in ’07, which was the first time I worked with the producers on the album, and I was getting beats from those guys on a daily basis – and a high level of production as well.”

Indeed, the production on the album is super tight, and much of the lyrical material witty without resorting to cheap cliché. A triumph of mind over matter, Clouded proves just how far the local scene has come; so much so that it now comfortably stands on its own two feet, rarely inviting comparison to its Stateside counterpart. No less driven even with his debut album in the bag, G Force is determined to keep refining his material, both in terms of writing and production. “On the next record, I’ve got a couple of beats prepared and I’m hoping to up the effort a lot more; it should be a more distinct style that will come across and hopefully people will enjoy it.”

Appreciative of the expansive Aussie hip hop scene, G Force also appreciates it’s easy to get lost in the wealth of options on offer. “When I was first introduced to the Aussie scene I found a cool scene and a good bunch of people – and that is the music I love to listen to. But the scene here is so big that now you have to dig to see what you like. There are even different styles developing and the scene is big enough that there are sub genres out there.”

WHO: G Force
WHAT: Clouded through Obese
WHEN: Out now