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Guy J - Esperanza This

Author: 3D
Monday, May 4, 2009

3D chats with Israeli DJ Guy J playing Chinese Laundry’s 12th birthday this week.

You’ve apparently been working on your live show recently – in what aspects is a live Guy J show different from a regular DJ set-

In my live shows, I will try to combine external instrument as well to my Ableton setup playing my own music, so it’s quite different than a DJ set where the use of the tracks and mixer are completely different.

Has it been a long climb to be where you are now- How long was the recording process on your debut album-

It’s been a long climb but also a smooth one. I have great people around me; my manager did great job as well as John Digweed’s support all along. Recording process on the album Esperanza took around half a year to a year to be done, I had the best time making it, lots of excitement during the process.

Where did your love of house music come from- Who inspired you to first get into production at age 18-

My love for house music came around the mid to late ’90s when melodies and beats were floating the radio and DJs. I think it was an amazing time, you could hear real music on this genre. I can say I was mostly inspired by James Holden with his amazing productions, and Guy Gerber.

Where would you like to see yourself with your future releases and albums- Are their any specific goals you’re setting yourself at the moment-

I’m working on the second album for Bedrock at the moment, and working on upgrading my setup in the studio and keep working on new ideas for music. There are more labels I would love to leave my mark over there with my production but I’m glad I got the chance to have Bedrock as like a home label. I’ve always been of a fan of John [Digweed] and the label’s releases so it’s a big achievement for me.

Last time you played in Sydney it was a huge show – the crowd loved it, are you glad to be coming back to Australia, especially with such a big bag of fresh material-

I’m super thrilled to come back. I had an amazing time last year at the Laundry – it was great to see and feel how music has no limits; it can get to anyone’s ear, doesn’t matter where you are, and that’s what was amazing about playing in Australia. Bedsides that I had a great time in Sydney as a city; can’t wait to land again.

WHO: Guy J
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 9 May