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Katchafire - Hot Property

Author: 3D
Monday, March 30, 2009

3D talks success, touring and the Maori influence with New Zealand reggae collective Katchafire, playing The Forum in April.

With your debut record going double-platinum, did you feel pressure in crafting subsequent productions, or has the process remained organic throughout-
We have kept a similar process; it is very organic and has a live feel about the sound.

How has your sound developed since your debut, and where do you see it going in the future-
We have recorded in better studios, used better engineers and generally tried to improve sonically. Maybe entrusting a producer, so we can step back and get a bird’s eye view is the next step.

What inspiration do you draw from your roots when making your music-
Family, kids, culture, arts, history… I’m reading a lot of Maori history, particularly pre-European; it just gets me motivated and inspired to be all that I can be.

Does touring take its toll over time, or is the attraction of playing live stronger than ever- 
As one could imagine we are on the road most of the year, and it can take its toll, but once those stage lights go on everything is forgotten and it’s game time! When we don’t gig for a month or so we start going cold turkey; Katch play 77 times a year on average.

What can people who haven’t seen you play in person expect from your Forum show-
To leave with no voice from singing so hard – even if you don’t know the words you will learn them from the crowd. To have sore feet from dancing, and to be so overwhelmed by what you just experienced you can’t wait to come back for another hit!

How has the New Zealand reggae scene evolved from when you formed-
There definitely has been a resurgence here since the late ‘90s/early 2000s. It is more excepted on local radio, there have been a lot more bands playing reggae or using elements of reggae to fuse and make new forms. I call it the ‘Aotearoa strain’ of reggae: it is tough, formidable, and in my opinion second to none!

WHO: Katchafire
WHAT: Play The Forum on Saturday 4 April