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Skryptcha - Holy Skryptcha

Author: Matt Unicomb
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

22 year-old Sydney lad Skryptcha has already received the backing of Pegz, Chasm and the signing by Obese Records, and with his EP Left To Write, will show precisely why he’s garnered the attention of some of the genre’s best and brightest. 3D’s Matt Unicomb spoke to the MC who believes that when it comes to penning tracks, experience is everything.

Congratulations on putting together Left To Write. From the sound of the tracks, it seems as though there’s a lot more than five tracks in the Skryptcha arsenal. Why did you choose to run with the EP, as opposed to a full-length for your debut-
Thanks bro, yeah well we had about seven or eight tracks fully written for the EP but chose to be really selective and make sure every single track was as close to perfect as we could get it. I was also just dying to get something out to people, so making an EP allowed me to get a product together a lot sooner than if I’d been working on 12-15 tracks.

The release is quite introspective. Is this the way you’ve always approached your raps, or have recent experiences influenced your writing-
Yeah, I think I’ve always approached my raps with a lot of thought, I have ideas bouncing through my head every minute, that whole aspect of showing the world how you see it is the best thing about music. I lost two good friends in a really close amount of time, which at 18-19 years old really changes the way you see everything around you… I also travelled a good chunk of the world in 2008, which just gave me an amazing amount of material. Experience is definitely everything.

You hooked up with Chasm mid last year, right- How did the partnership with come about-

I sent out some work out to Pegz in like mid 2007, and somehow managed to get a phone call back from him. He’d just recently signed Chasm at the time and really wanted us to work together. It still took Chas and I a while to get anything happening, but we met up mid last year and pretty much on that day decided to do a whole release together.

Though it’s rapidly becoming old news, tell us about the Obese signing.
My first contact with Obese was way back in 2007 so it was a really long process to get that signing down. When Pegz said he wanted me to work with Chasm, he pretty much said in not so many words that he saw potential in me and that if I went away and made a dope release that he would be very keen to pick it up. Thankfully he [Pegz] loved it and wanted to offer me a contract.

Did you have the EP down before you signed- Or did you go into the studio knowing there was a contract backing you up-
There was no contract at all before we went into the studio, I paid for everything off my own back and had no idea if the release would in fact be picked up by anyone, so it was a pretty stressful time for me…

Now that the EP’s out, what’s on the horizon-

Straight back to work bro, I’m gonna be working hard out on my debut LP this year. Also in between that, I’m just gonna be doing as many shows as possible, trying to get around the country with this EP!

WHO: Skryptcha
WHAT: Left To Write Out EP through Obese
WHEN: Out now