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Trus'Me - In Me We Trust

Author: 3D
Monday, May 11, 2009

3D chats to Mancunian disco/soul don, Trus’Me, playing Lost Baggage this weekend.

How’s the reaction been to your debut album- Are you satisfied with it now that it’s out in the public’s hands-
It’s overwhelming. It’s being re-pressed constantly, which is great. I was really happy with it then and I’m still playing it now. You can never look at your own work without finding some faults, it just helps you to strive further on the second. A fuller more rounded production with great vocals and a wider appeal was the blue print for the second. You can judge this for yourself in September when In the Red is released on Prime Numbers.

Tell us a bit about your label, Prime Numbers. What were the goals and motivations behind starting it-
To create a scene in which myself and fellow artists could express themselves and push the sounds and direction they wished to follow. Prime Numbers is really an open book, if the music is good and I’m feeling the sound it’s on the label. I’m striving to keep PN predominately UK-based, not only are we blessed with immense talent here but its so much easier to work with UK 
artists – there is zero ego.

Between playing shows and managing Prime Numbers’ release schedule, how do you make the time to work on new material- Will we see another LP soon-
Busy, busy, busy. Not only am I working on the second LP, I also direct an events company, Disco 3000, where we put together global events and festivals all around the world, from NYC to Croatia. A festival is planned for early September in Croatia so if you find yourself in Europe you can find out much more at

You’ve accomplished a lot for someone who’s just 28 years old, with the album out and your Prime Numbers label up and running. Where do you see yourself going from here-
To me I feel like I’ve just started. You will see the launch of a clothing line, record shop, festival and new label under D3K Ltd. I’m in this for the long run and right now I’m laying the foundations. Some people may say I’m rather driven, but it’s more a boundless passion to push good music and keep this whole independent scene alive.

Following that, what can the Australian audiences expect when they see a Trus’Me show-
A journey through music from the past, present and future, put together in a cohesive dance your ass off kinda way.

WHO: Trus’Me
WHAT: Plays Lost Baggage at The Cross
WHEN: Saturday 16 May