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Brits Declared Champion Caners As Authorities Target Drug Dealers

Author: Skruff
Friday, February 23, 2001
Labour are proposing treating drug dealers like paedophiles by establishing a register which will see anyone convicted of dealing and 'liable to deal in drugs' (Telegraph) added to a police monitored list. Police would then routinely check up on people's addresses and test them for drug use. The government proposals came as a new survey of European youth revealed that British teenagers drink more alcohol, smoke more cigarettes and take more illegal drugs than anyone else in Europe.

"The Prime Minister suggested we should set up a UK Register for people dealing hard drugs," the survey's author Dr Martin Plant, from the Edinburgh Alcohol and Health Research Centre said. "I think that is probably a good idea and I think it should include any tobacconist who sells tobacco products to children aged 13, 14 or 15 because tobaccos kills a higher proportion of its regular users than any other drug."

The survey revealed that 36% of 15 and 16 year old Brits admitted to using illegal drugs prompting the Sun to declare; "Illegal drugs have become part of everyday life for some. Getting 'out of your head' on a Friday and Saturday night is not about making a statement - it appears to be the norm." "In the 60s, it was a trendy elite who were getting into drugs," Mix Mag's editor Tom Whitwell told the tabloid. "Drugs are so much part of our club culture that it's something which has become the mainstream - no longer an act of rebellion."

The report also challenged stereotypes of 'pusher' drug dealers, suggesting 'an active role of individuals initiating their own drug use.' "The majority reported obtaining drugs for the first time from someone they knew 'quite well'," the Telegraph reported. "Friends and siblings (brothers and sisters) were the next most common suppliers. Discos or pubs were the most usual places to buy drugs, followed by parks and streets. In public, most teenagers often blame peer pressure, but in the survey only a minority cited reasons such as 'not wanting to stand out of the group."

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