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Can Smoking Cannabis Keep you Thin and Prevent Cancer-

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, June 17, 2001
Regular cannabis smokers consume up to 40% more calories than non-users, yet have lower body-mass indexes (fatness measures) researchers from the University of Buffalo revealed this week. According to the study, smokers drank more alcohol and ate more cheese and meat, and even ate less fresh fruit. The survey's author De Ellen Smitt, hypothesized that smoking cannabis can increase a person's metabolic rate (ie speeding up the rate they burn off calories, so keeping them thin).

In even more surprising news, a prominent New York scientist announced this week that smoking weed doesn't appear to cause lung cancer or emphysema. Dr P Morgan from the City University of New York Medical school told a Canadian Senate committee examining marijuana policies, that while cannabis smokers tend to have more coughs and colds than non cannabis users, he expects their health to be generally much the same as non smokers. "

We are 30 to 40 years into this marijuana epidemic and have still not seen evidence of pulmonary cancer in marijuana smokers," he told Canadian media organisation Canoe. Cannabis smokers were also "unlikely to succumb to emphysema, a condition frequent among cigarette smokers." (London Legalise Cannabis Festival, Saturday 16th 2pm, Brockwell Park) (Cannabis newsletter) (Live webcast from Brockwell Park) (AFTER PARTIES - a number of after parties are planned and will be announced on the day - a list will be online) (Cannabis after party - Rex Cinema, Stratford: Underground Sound, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Geezer, Aztec etc) (Canadian media) (National Post newspaper, Canada) (Canadian site)
Jonty Adderley