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Club Beta - Tonight's Lineup

Author: Club Beta
Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Club Beta is an immersive venture into the club of tomorrow where you
determine the environment. Every week see the best in multimedia, new media
and short film accompanied by the sound of music that you select online. Mix
it up with people that enjoy the cutting edge of today's technology, from
both a business and art perspective.

Enjoy your drink, have a dance or partake of a fine meal while accessing the
net through the built in ADSL connection to Club Beta and viewing
spontaneous web events for your entertainment.

Content can be from any media - film, video, flash, mov, avi, mpeg, html,
there are no restrictions as long as the content pushes the boundaries of
the form - as long as it's good to look at. Commercial content/branding is
OK as long as it understood that the context is to appreciate the art.
Content can either be played directly from a laptop or bring along a zip/CD
to load up. Files will also be able to be uploaded at the site in the near

Every week guest "Ejs" will mix the music that you bring to them, using
various mixing software. The music can be your own or a published piece
(although the individual tracks will be played at the "Ejs" discretion.)
As the night progresses the music will too, so sounds from lounge and trip
hop through to hard techno will be sourced at various periods throughout the
evening. The music is aimed at taking traditional DJs and letting them run
wild in a world of technology. Using their own styles and using the
audiences music in a new era for mixing music.

We are in the process of building an online gallery and directory of hot
websites, flash work and other interesting bits n pieces. Visit and add your suggestions.
it will soon be opened up for voting and we will have a weekly Beta top ten.
Suggestions received up until tonight will be shown tonight.


OB (Dark Network)
Bo began writing dodgy electronic music in the late 80s with a mid-range
Yamaha FM synth and an Amiga 1000. He later switched to analogue synthesis
techniques, but his music has retained its adherence to the principle of
abject dodginess throughout.

A regular DJ at the Transplant parties. Using CDJ's, sampler and a PC his
use of fusion means anything from ambient to breakbeat to trance.

EARWIG (Melb Aust)
The pschedelic experience that can be heard from his sets always keep people
listening. You will never expect David Bowie to float through upbeat breaks,
or Peggy Lee stomping her way through techno.

Improvisational, electronic music. Only prepared material is the drum
tracks. The rest is built dynamically using a full-sized, MIDI Piano run
through an Apple iBook. Using looping software to create rich, dynamic
layers that equate to the painting of a canvas, Jason seldom has a planned
performance preferring to spontaneously visit aural landscapes. The audience
is equally as eager to see the destination."

AUGUST 18th (Saturday) SCANNER
"Scanner is presented by Greymalkin Management in association with Club
"UK musician, writer and multi-media guru, Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud)
returns to Melbourne for a fluttering journey into electro minimalism, loose
beats and lucious melodies. Renowned for activities that place him at the
cross-roads of academic and digital pop culture, Scanner's compositions are
absorbing, multilayered soundscapes that twist state of the art technologies
in glorious unconventional ways. Controversial early works incorporated
scanned mobile phone conversations into his music, foc