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Club Corporations At Risk of Crack-house Indictments (EMDEF)

Author: Skruff
Sunday, July 15, 2001
Mainstream worldwide clubbing organisations putting on events in America could be at risk from crackhouse laws, EMDEF warned this week, as they continued to consider the implications of the recent plea bargain made by State Palace Theatre promoters Robert and Brian Brunet. EMDEF are also trying to challenge the terms of the plea, which labels chill out rooms and glow sticks as drugs paraphernalia as well continuing to raise money to pay the legal fees from the case.

"Throughout the month of August, EM:DEF is asking promoters and nightclubs to support EM:DEF with a donation of $1 for every paid admission," they said in their latest newsletter. "For weekly events, we will ask nightclubs and promoters to simply pick one night in the month and donate a dollar per paid admission for that evening. Please ask promoters and venue owners you know to support this campaign. EM:DEF will provide a poster and some flyers that can be handed out at the event. We'll also publish a list of those clubs that participate in the fundraiser on our site (unless a club prefers to donate anonymously). Lastly, our site will include links to your site."
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