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Could Cannabis Help Prevent Mad Cow Disease-

Author: Skrufff
Friday, September 28, 2001
Latest official government figures published this week have revealed that twice as many London teenagers smoke cannabis as their Northern counterparts. Almost 40% of 16-19 year old Southern English were unveiled as smokers compared to just 15% of the same age group in Scotland. Though the two matters may be entirely unconnected, recent media reports revealed a similar regional disparity in Mad Cow Disease infection rates, though in inverse proportion to cannabis use. Southerners were discovered to be half as likely to have the disease, though experts suggested the disparity may be caused by Northerners eating more cheap meat and pies. Whether cannabis could help prevent mad cow disease remains unclear. Scarily, the risks to everybody remain dire.

"In cattle, just one gram of BSE infected brain tissue is enough to infect a 500kg cow," Colombia University's Dr Richard Klitzman told The Guardian this week.
"Anyone in Britain in the late 1980s through to 1996, who ate one infected steak, could die from it." The American Red Cross also now routinely refuses blood donations from Britons as well as from anyone who's even visited the British Isles during the last 20 years. (the official mad cow home page)

Jonty Adderley