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Daft Punk To Release Retro Live Album

Author: Skrufff
Friday, September 28, 2001
French house duo Daft Punk are releasing a live album shortly, featuring a 45 minute mix recorded during the band's creative peak in 1997. All five tracks on Alive 1997 come from their critically lauded debut album Homework, which popularised the entire French house scene. Kicking off with Wdpk (Part 1), it segues into Da Funk, Rollin and Scratchin, Wdpk (Part 2) before finishing on Alive.

Surprisingly, the mix in question was recorded in Birmingham, England, a place still largely unrecognised as a global clubbing capital. 'After listening to the tracks they felt that this was their best live gig of the tour which they wanted to share with their fans, since it featured 45 minutes of non stop mixing and their trademark techno-electronic flourishes,' a Virgin press release explained.

The Skrufff team have yet to hear the new album though did see Daft Punk live several times between 1994 and 1997, rating them absolutely fantastic at the time. Alive 1997 is out on 1st October and will be deleted on December 1st (presumably aiming for the Christmas gift market). (for music clips)