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Dance Industry Anthrax Concerns

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, October 19, 2001
Neo Records became the first dance label to formally react to the ongoing anthrax attacks, this week announcing that they'll no longer be opening any unrecognised post or packages.

"We will not be opening any envelopes, parcels, etc. unless the identity of the sender(s) are present on packages," they said in a statement. "If you are sending anything to us by post or courier, please ensure your name and address are clearly written on the outside of the package to aid identification. Any post that we do not recognise will NOT be opened."

In more music business anthrax related news, an unnamed division of the BBC found itself slighted by the corporation's main political TV presenter Andrew Marr, a curiously old fashioned character distinctly similar in appearance to Mr Burns from The Simpsons.

Writing in his Daily Telegraph column this week, he appeared surprisingly unconcerned about the threat posed by anthrax.

"I'm not that worked up (scared) about anthrax, anyway," he boasted. "It seems fairly hard to spread, although colleagues suggest the terrorists have simply been clumsy in choosing their targets. There are various louche (disreputable) newspapers and even youth-orientated sections of the BBC where any suspicious white powder sent anonymously by post could be immediately cut into lines and inhaled."

Whether he was talking about Radio 1, the Teletubbies or even Blue Peter remains unclear though official advice if you do come across unexpected white powders is to do the following.

'Cordon off the package. Anyone who has touched it should wash their hands in soap and water, not bleach. Anyone who's had contact should shower as soon as is practical, again in soap and water."(Telegraph)