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Danny Howells Confirms New York DJ Residency for 2002

Author: Jonty Adderley
Sunday, November 25, 2001
Danny Howells has confirmed details of a new DJ residency in New York City, which will see the British progressive jock spinning at Vinyl every month from January 2002.

"It is time for Danny to make a real statement in New York", ex Twilo and now Vinyl promoter Mike Bindra says on Danny's website. "Going monthly will give more people chance to see Danny in action and should take him to the next level in the States".

The Hastings raised DJ built his career with a 5 year DJing stint in Hong Kong and started developing his US profile after landing a prestige residency at Twilo last year. Skrufff's Angie Ng caught up with him this July as he passed through Kuala Lumpur and asked about his views on Manhattan.

"Just Twilo itself was unbelievable, it was going really well when unfortunately it got shut down," he recalled.

"And the atmosphere at the Loft party was just unbelievable. I did an Independence Day party recently and played a10-hour vinyl-only set, which is the longest set I've ever played. I did 9 hours without going to the toilet, which was a record for me. I've never ever gone 9 hours without the toilet- even when I'm asleep."

His first New York gig of the year will be on January 26th.