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Eat Static Re-issues, DJ Luck & MC Neat (part 3), US Tourist Threat In Indonesia, The End Of History- Part 2

Author: Skruff
Friday, September 28, 2001
Psi-trance pioneers Eat Static are re-releasing two of their earliest EPs shortly, The Aliens and Decadence, both of which established them as key acts on the growing live dance circuit. The Aliens EP includes limited edition tracks recorded in 1991 as well as their second single Inaana, which sold out in 10 days. Decadence was first released as a limited edition album in 1999 and now includes Kazmir, one of their most popular live tracks. Despite remaining largely igrnored by the British dance press, Eat Static remain one of the best live techno bands ever, frequently outperforming the likes of Leftfield and Orbital at Megadog parties and similar events. Both new re-issues are out on October 1st on their own label Mesmobeat.

UK garage champions DJ Luck & MC Neat release their third compilation album this week, called simple DJ Luck & MC Neat Present…111. The double CD contains all the recent chart topping anthems (Pied Piper's Do you really Like It-, So Solid Crew's 21 Seconds and Misd-teeq as well as upcoming cuts ones from The Streets, Ladies First sand B-15.

American tourists staying in the erstwhile tropical paradise of Java, Indonesia were threatened by armed Muslim men this week, who entered hotels in the city and checked guest lists, the Observer reported. 'If the US and its allies attackAfghanistan, their citizens must leave Solo and Indonesia,' a Muslim spokesman said. 'If they don't, the hotels will bear the consequences.'

Detroit pioneer Kevin Saunderson helped raise $8,450USD towards the American Red Cross, with a fund raising event at Detroit's Necto Club last week. Organiser of Unite Through Music issued a subsequent statement thanking everyone who contributed to the party. 'With every adversity comes an equal or greater benefit,' they said. 'In the face of tragedy, the American sprit lives on.

The Guardian mercilessly mocked Francis Fukuyama this week rhetorically asking whether the philosopher and author will now be following up his previously acclaimed 1989 book 'The End Of History. 'The Diary has been brainstorming for an equally headline-grabbing title,' they quipped: 'History's Back: This Time It's Personal'.

Jonty Adderley