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Ecstasy Paraphernalia Includes 'Fuzzy Jumpers'

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 3, 2001
Leading American magazine USA Today suggested this week that clubbers who wear 'fuzzy jumpers or other soft fabrics' could well be ecstasy users.

'Partiers wave light sticks, tape flashing "belly lights" to their navels or wear luminescent, flickering bracelets called Toobies," USA Today explained. "Users may wear fuzzy sweaters or other soft fabrics. Some Ecstasy users coat surgical masks with vapour rubs for the cooling rush sensation. Ecstasy also causes involuntary jaw clenching, so users suck on pacifiers and candy necklaces to alleviate the effects.'

The paper suggested E users deliberately wear soft fabrics, 'to capitalise on their heightened senses' and their revelation is the first time fluffy pullovers have been publicly identified as rave paraphernalia. USA Today also implied that absolutely anyone wearing a fluffy jumper could be a potential e-head.

'The data are clear that it (ecstasy use) has moved out of the club scene,' said drug expert Alan Leshner. 'We are now seeing the drugs used by everyone. Parents can't just say 'My kid doesn't go to clubs so I don't have to worry about it.'

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