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Ericksson@Homelands 2001 Is Definitely On

Author: Skruff
Sunday, May 13, 2001
Britain's biggest dance festival Homelands is definitely happening, organisers confirmed this week, after months of uncertainty prompted by the foot and mouth crisis. "The important message is that foot and mouth is very definitely under control and the countryside is very definitely open here in Hampshire, where there have been no outbreaks," said Mean Fiddler MD Melvin Benn, speaking at a press conference. "We have been able to plan to isolate the field and the festival arena so we can be reasonably sure that there is no foot and mouth on the land itself and people coming here are very unlikely to pick it up and take it back to where ever they came from."

Janet Anderson, from the UK Government's Department of Culture, who also attended the west Country press conference, was similarly upbeat about the festival's prospects. "The music industry is a very important part of the British economy and I was very keen to come here today and give the Government's support for festivals like Homelands," she said. "I can reassure the public that there are no reasons why people cannot come here providing the right precautions are taken. I hope the festival will be a great success."
Homelands takes place on Saturday 26th May at the usual location just outside Winchester. Organisers are hoping their superb DJ lineup (Tenaglia, Cox, Sasha, Tong, Marky & Patife from Brazil etc etc etc) will attract up to 50,000 revellers, some ten thousand more than last year.