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Goldie Arrested in Pub Fracas

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, August 19, 2001
Drum & bass DJ turned soap opera villain Goldie was arrested last week, after allegedly assaulting a 46 year old man in a pub near his home in Bovingdon, Hertforshire. The gold toothed actor, who these days plays a gangster character in Britain's most popular soap Eastenders, was arrested and questioned by cops after allegedly causing facial injuries to his victim, the Standard reported. According to The Sun, Goldie attacked the landlord of the bar, allegedly hitting him with a glass ash-tray.

The incident coincided with the publication of a Loaded special report on UK pub violence which laid the blame fairly and squarely at the lack of change to Britain's antiquated licensing laws, which Labour previously promised to update in their pre-election promises.

"Now the Government bill for 24 hour licences has been dropped like a spilled pint, every red-blooded Brit continues to wring the most from his precious four or five hours 'out'," Loaded suggested. "The 11pm- midnight concentrated danger zone is unheard of in Europe where round-the-clock licensing is an accepted culture."

The concentrated danger zone for UK pub violence is Friday and Saturday evenings between 11pm and midnight, when no less than 47% of violent incidents occur. Each year 76,000 British people suffer facial violence from drink related incidents (often caused by broken bottles or glasses), suggesting an average of 380 people are battered or glassed within each narrow time slot.

Ironically, reports on the Goldie incident suggested the assault took place on Sunday lunchtime (August 5th). Goldie was arrested and held for 6 hours, then subsequently released without charge, on police bail. He'll need to report back to the cops later this month.