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Grass Up Your Neighbours To Win the War on Drugs

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, October 19, 2001
Americans living in West Virginia are being urged to spy on their neighbours and to report any signs of drug use to local cops, The Herald Despatch (Virginia) revealed this week.

'Are you tired of neighbours who you believe deal drugs- Do you know of a marijuana patch or indoor grow and want to turn the growers in anonymously-
The West Virginia State Police needs your help," asked Sergeant A. H. Arnold, a local cop commander.

"The State Police encourages those who become aware of illegal activities to report those activities and involved persons to the nearest West Virginia State Police Detachment."

The police request came as US columnist Scott Davison called for authorities to end the war on drugs, to allow police resources to be allocated towards 'looking for terrorists and investigating actual crimes' (Times Record News, Texas).

"It's the war on drugs that has turned bank tellers, post office clerks, Amtrak employees, schoolchildren and teachers into a network of snitches (informers), compelled by law or peer pressure to spy upon those around them and report unapproved behaviour," said Mr Davison.

"The war on drugs has steadily increased the alienation of the police from more and more of the communities they serve. It has consumed tax money at a voracious rate and has diverted law enforcement resources at an alarming pace," he said.

"What the drug war has not done, however, is stop a single American from snorting, inhaling, smoking, injecting or swallowing whatever substance he or she desires. And no amount of increase in laws, incarcerations, money or manpower will change that fact." (Times Record News, Texas) (Herald Dispatch, West Virginia) (Turn in your neighbours here)