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Ian Van Dahl's Hidden Depths

Author: Jonty Adderley
Sunday, November 25, 2001
Ian Van Dahl, the 5 piece Dutch trance outfit who enjoyed a massive Eurowide hit this summer with Castles In the Sky, have remixed the forthcoming single for TJ Davis, a dance floor friendly version of Black's Wonderful Life. Radio 1 anthems man Dave Pearce, who signed Castles to his label Nu Life earlier this year, also suggested critics who'd labelled the Benidorm anthem as manufactured were mistaken. "People who don't look inside themselves probably see the track as superficial but I think they're a bit shallow," he told Muzik. "When Graham Gold played it on Kiss he had people phoning up saying they'd cried when they'd heard it. "(Muzik) TJ Davis Wonderful Life is out in the UK on December 10th. (Ian Van Dahl's new single Will I is out on December 10, UK)