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Italian Military Prodigy Behind INXS Ibiza Anthem

Author: Skrufff
Friday, September 28, 2001
Sergio Casu, the Italian producer behind the soon to be massive 'punk house' anthem I'm So Crazy, was once the youngest serving officer in Italy's army since World War Two, his new label Credence revealed this week. The track, featuring a sample from INXS' Just Keep Walking (the B side of Original Sin) is an incredibly accessible, and pop dance number with shades of Faith No More and already has massive radio support across UK radio.

Sergio apparently ended up as an officer in the Italian army after being conscripted for national service in 1987. Deciding he might as well be an officer as a squaddie taking orders, he was all set for a career in the military until he discovered house music on a trip to Spain in 1989. Deserting the military, he took a job in a record shop, became an A&R scout then ended up making I'm So Crazy in 2000, with old mate DJ Pareo. Since putting out just 5 test pressings to Pete Tong, Timo Mass, Darren Emerson, Jon Carter and Ali B, the record has swamped Ibiza and ended up A listed by Radio 1 with no less than 10 consecutive weekly plays on Tong's Essential Selection.

Jonty Adderley