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London Police Launch Anti-Ibiza Drive

Author: Skrufff
Friday, September 7, 2001
London cops have declared war on the West End's 'Ibiza Culture', the Evening Standard reported this week, in a move that could pose problems for clubs in central London.

'I think people need a break from this 24 hour society," said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Trotter. 'I think people should be happy to enjoy themselves until the early hours of the morning and then go home. This is not cafe society in the West End. It is not Barcelona, it is not Ibiza.'

The campaign will focus on low-level street crime, such as drunkenness and begging while clubs will face the loss of their licence if they develop a bad reputation (for violence or drugs). The police commander's derogatory references to Ibiza are likely to cause renewed offence to people living on the white island, following remarkably similar comments made by a London councillor in March.

"San Antonio's West End was named after it's counterpart in London, and some British customers in this area unfortunately behave in the manner they are used to doing in the UK," Andy Manumission told Skrufff at the time.

"But this behaviour is limited to a few streets in San Antonio town. As my Spanish friends say; 'Why is it that everything bad comes out of England: BSE (mad cow disease), foot and mouth disease and lager louts-' The press should STOP giving Ibiza a bad name. The buck can not be passed."

Jonty Adderley