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Striking Ibizan Coach Drivers Slammed by Alex P

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, July 8, 2001
Striking coach drivers who caused travel chaos for thousands flying in and out of Ibiza last weekend have been criticised by Alex P, after reports suggested drivers were dropping off passengers on the island's 'Highway of death' (the road linking San Antonio and Ibiza Town). The Kiss FM DJ made his comments after learning that some tourists had to walk up to two miles along the notoriously dangerous road, with reports suggesting some ended up carrying their luggage on their heads.

"In 1999 seventy people lost their lives on this road, so the Ibizan coach drivers are well aware of the dangers and the peril of their actions," said Alex. "It is beyond belief that they have forced people to walk on the highway, as there is a lack of basic footpaths and lighting on a road with 70 mph speed limit in places. It is utter madness and I sincerely hope that nobody is killed as a result of their actions. I would plead with people, particularly the younger clubbers not to walk along the highway and to wait for taxis - don't attempt to walk for your own safety."

The strike, which stranded passengers at airport terminals, caused massive delays for an estimated 300,000 tourists arriving in the Balearics last weekend, with many being forced to sleep overnight at airports both in the Balearics (Ibiza, Majorca and Minorca) and wherever they were setting off from. "This strike has brought shame to the Balearics," Jaime Batle president of the coach owners' federation told the Daily Telegraph. "The driver's position is incomprehensible. It is sheer bloody mindedness." The drivers were striking for increased pay and improved working conditions and have already threatened to renew their protest.

"The drivers have said they will strike again if the situation isn't resolved," local journalist Jason Moore told the Daily Telegraph. "They usually have to give two or three days notice so they could be striking again as soon as next weekend."
With Iberian pilots also currently in the middle of a series of one-day stoppages, anybody visiting Ibiza this season should be unsurprised if they face delays.
Jonty Adderley