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UK Garage Star Arrested in London Club Shooting

Author: Skruff
Saturday, May 5, 2001
MC Neutrino was shot and wounded outside an as yet unnamed club in West London this week (May 2nd) and later arrested by cops who took him to Charing Cross Police Station. According to a report on music industry website dotmusic, Neutrino was hanging out at the club with his production partner Oxide, and was shot after being caught up in a fracas involving others outside the club. His arrest was reportedly 'standard procedure' for any shooting victim, though a spokesman added that his injuries were not serious.

The duo sprang to fame last year with a 2 step garage anthem built around the theme tune to Casualty, a weekly British soap opera set in the Emergency room of a big city hospital ('Bound for The Reload'). The shooting was the latest violent incident linked to London's garage scene and followed a murder outside a Luton club in March. 18 year old Marcus Hall was stabbed and beaten to death by 4 men after attending the @mosphere club to see South London's So Solid Crew on March 18th. Camcorder images of the assailants were later shown on real life crime show Crimewatch and four men have since been arrested. Also in March, garage DJ Master Stepz was stabbed and wounded inside a South London club.