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Who are the MezzMusic Crew

Author: Skruff
Sunday, April 22, 2001
Jonty Adderley: founder and publisher (1996-June 2000),
Muzik magazine : feature & news writer (from launch 1995-1997),
NBC Superchannel[pan-European TV interviews for Talkin' Jazz, rock & pop] (1992-96), MCM Europe Radio (1993-94), plus loads of international mags including the present selection

Benedetta Ferraro:, Muzik (95-97), Superchannel then NBC Super Channel
(1991-1995, presenting producting and directing and voiceovers). Benedetta has also been doing voiceovers (Italian and English) since 1995 on TV and radio commercials, CD-roms, airline announcements etc and is a full member of Equity. She is currently the principle (Italian) female voice for Discovery Channel, Bloomberg TV and Cartoon Network (and also occasionally voices Thelma from Scooby Doo, Dexter, Cow, Tweety Pie and The Powerpuff Girls).

Our four non-UK contributors, Camilo Rocha, Andrez Bergen, Angie Ng and Seb Bayne, are all leading characters in their local dance scenes. Camilo DJs throughout South America, Andrez DJs and records as Little Nobody [], while Angie broadcasts on Malaysia's leading music radio station RFm. Seb is a former editor of Sydney's 3D World and helps run Club Vogue (Beijing, China).

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