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Cream's Courtyard Closure Unconnected With Lack Of Clubbers

Author: Jonty Adderley
Monday, April 29, 2002
Cream have denied implications that their decision to convert the Courtyard into a live venue was connected to a clubland crisis, pointing out that the changes mean their Liverpool venue should be busier.

"The Courtyard was only ever an overflow room anyway and was only open once a month for special events," press spokesperson Gill Nightingale told Skrufff.

"So rather than the room being open just 12 times a year, we can put it to good use, showcasing new and legendary live acts. It should be open three to four nights a week now. Basically the courtyard will still be owned by Cream, but it's changing to become a live music venue which will be called the Lomax, and run completely separately from the rest of the club."

The Lomax's first live event takes place on May 24 with Echo & The Bunnymen playing live. Old favourite Paul Oakenfold plays the last ever DJ set there on May 4.