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DJ Magazine's Top 100 Voting Begins (September 6)

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, August 31, 2002
Voting for DJ magazine's Top 100 DJs poll begins on September 6 this year for a poll that remains the most important and prestigious in dance culture. Though recent years have seen some DJs benefiting from orchestrated voting campaigns by marketers and press agents, the sheer numbers of individuals casting votes make it genuinely of interest and with so many problems afflicting the superstar DJ end of the club scene, this year's poll is likely to see more than a few shocks.

Last year's top two spots went to Sasha and Digweed (Digweed pipping his long term collaborator by just 1%) though with both being synonymous with progressive house their status could easily slip. Other DJs possibly at risk include Danny Tenaglia (last year's 3), Paul Oakenfold (5) and Steve Lawler (9), all of whom appear to have fallen from favour with the UK dance press.