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Gays Propose Straight Ban As British Fish Change Sex

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, March 29, 2002
A new pressure group of isolationist gays have launched a campaign to ban "lets-take-a-peek straights" from gay clubs, according to a report in this week's Independent. Brighton based group Our Space suggest many straight women frequently try to convert homosexual men turning nasty if rejected.

"These people just want to come out and look at the 'freaks', group founder Johnny Lord suggested.

"The Manchester gay scene has effectively been destroyed by lets-take-a-peek straights and that's going to happen here unless we do something."

His gender divisive attitude could be thrown into confusion judging by a shock report published this week on the chemical imbalances in Britain's water supply, which revealed that a third of male fish in lowland British rivers have recently changed sex.

The emergence of so many transsexual fish is apparently due to pollution, notably "gender-bending hormones" present in birth control pills, the Daily Telegraph suggested.. Professor Charles Tyler described the findings as "quite incredible".,1034,NAV4-43_SAR916,00.html (transsexual salmons)