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New BT Album on It's Way!

Author: michelle pirovich
Friday, October 11, 2002
Most artists come across a stumbling block or two when producing a new album, infact its almost an essential part of the process. However to have your studio broken into and your work stolen is taking things to a whole new level.

Only months ago BT became the victim of such a disaster. All tracks that were to be on his new album were gone, and obviously the release date has had to be moved accordingly.

It seems however, that BT won't let anything prevent him from producing his signature killer tracks, and we have a sneak preview as to who BT has joined forces with on his latest album.

First up 'The Roots', the live hip-hop act who recorded 'Tao of the Machine' with BT for the Blade 2 soundtrack, we can expect a remix of this baby on the album. Rose McGowan, star of Scream and possessor of that amazing voice will also be making a guest appearance, and Guru of Gangstarr fame is bound to impress with his skills on the mic.

How does BT himself describe the sound and feel of his latest work- "The tunes are really emotional, on the tip of 'Satellite' from the last album," says BT "They're sort of Sigur Ros, Radiohead. Its electronic-rock music, some is more breakbeat-oriented, and some is particularly aggro. It's hard to describe, ... but it's starting to make sense as an album."

We'll keep you posted.