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No Fatalities Arose From Fatboy Slim's Brighton Free Festival

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, July 20, 2002
Fatboy Slim's record company Skint have issued a press release, denying that any fatalities resulted from his beach-front festival last weekend, despite extensive coverage of two deaths in this week's UK press.

"After several false reports, the organisers of Big Beach Boutique are keen to clarify the events of Saturday night," the statement said. "The emergency services and relevant authorities have made the following information available:

Contrary to the rumours, there were no fatalities at the Big Beach Boutique. Despite reports, no one suffered a heart attack at or near the event. The tragic death of the Australian nurse, Karen Manders was not directly linked to the event as her tragic fall happened some 4 hours after Norman had left the stage, and most of the crowd had dispersed."

The free seaside gig attracted up to 250,000 revellers last Saturday evening, to hear sets from Fatboy Slim and John Digweed. And despite the massive turnout (certainly helped by the fantastic Mediterranean style weather conditions) crime was remarkably absent, Skint added.

"There were only six arrests; these are smaller numbers than can be expected on a normal Saturday night during the season."

Skint concluded their clarification by refuting further negative suggestions in the press that Brighton's infamously stony pebble beach had been ruined by glass bottles dumped on the seashore.

"The beach has been cleared and cleaned of a total of 150 tonnes of rubbish and glass," they said. "This was paid for by Norman Cook and not by local taxpayers. The organisers would like to thank the refuse collectors and street / beach cleaning crews for all their hard work and effort."