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Author: Future DJ
Monday, August 4, 2003
Tertiary institutions throughout Victoria have embraced the Future DJ competition and will be programming local heats and local finals on their campuses throughout August to early September.

To avoid disappointing the many DJs that have taken a strong interest in the Future DJ competition it's Director Ravi Chand has advised all DJs to get in contact with their student union/ student services department to register in Future DJ.

"I have been inundated with calls and emails regarding Future DJ. From volunteering, to performances and to ofcourse entering Future DJ. Visit, download the DJ registration form and get in contact with your activities and events staff on campus. The staff are taking registrations now and I'd hate for DJs to miss out because they didn't register in time".

The interest Future DJ is receiving not only from DJs but the general and student community is amazing. There are even talks already of making Future DJ into a national competition for 2004, which would capture the support of tertiary student unions throughout Australia.

First prize for Future DJ says it all

· Return flight to the UK as a VIP guest at Slinky with an opportunity to rub shoulders with the world's best DJs
· A set at one of Hardware Corporation's events
· 12 months representation by Exclusive Artists
· A set at Revolver Upstairs
· A set at Room 680
· A set at Venom Lounge
· A Numark mixer and set of decks
· $500 to spend at Upfront Records

Andre Cato, Digital Musician Editor at went further to say,

"I have watched the growth of the DJ industry for almost a decade now and I have no doubt that the Future DJ is the birth of something quite special. Anyone can learn to mix, but every DJ needs opportunities to perform and express themselves. Future DJ is providing this platform uniquely for Higher Education students. We are taking over as the musician of the 21st Century, so don't think if you don't make it past the first round things just come to a stand still. Remember Future DJ is being programmed through almost every uni and tafe in Victoria so your already on show to uni and tafe event managers. Who knows they could even offer you a gig".