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Acid House Hero Headlines Ibiza's Newest Terrace Club

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 1, 2003
Rob Tissera, the acid house legend once jailed for DJing at an unlicensed warehouse party, has been selected by rising Liverpool superclub organisation Garlands to headline their upcoming season in Ibiza at Playa D'En Bosa club Pin Up.

"We chose Rob as he epitomises the Garlands ethos," said Garlands chief/ DJ Huey.

"We have used him many times and he just sums up what our attitude to clubbing is about. He's always smiling, he's a great laugh and is one of the most underrated DJs in this country".

These days usually spinning hard, accessible dance music, Tissera started out on the infamous 80s acid house circuit in Northern England and became the only DJ jailed for playing records after being caught up in a notorious police assault on a Blackburn warehouse.

"I was arrested and later charged with incitement to riot because everybody fought back against the police," Rob told Skrufff in an interview last year.

"I served three months in jail for that, which was a difficult experience but one that's left me untarnished," he revealed.

"There were loads of ravers in there and many were aware of my situation, which probably made it easier for me since they didn't see me as a serious criminal. But having said, that I was sharing a landing with a couple of murderers.

At the end of the day, though, I was only playing records at a party."

Garlands' season kicks off on July 1st, with parties running every Tuesday from the highly civilised hour of 4pm until 6am.