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Crystal Method V2 debut 'Legion of Boom

Author: Diego Pablos
Saturday, November 8, 2003
The January 13th release of Legion Of Boom marks THE CRYSTAL METHOD's label debut on V2 Records and their first full length artist offering since 2001's Tweekend.

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland have once again raised the bar for electronic producers and artists with this stellar collection that roars with a spontaneous pulse and fortified rhythms.

Legion Of Boom captures the forerunning outfit's uncompromising hybrid of rock, techno, breakbeat and hip hop to create a musical terrain rarely ventured.

THE CRYSTAL METHOD's revered suburban L.A. home studio, Bomb Shelter, saw such collaborators join in the mayhem as Wes Borland [former Limp Bizkit guitarist], human beat box and rap impresario Rahzel [of The Roots], San Francisco-based poet Hanifah Walidah [formerly known as Sha-Key], singer Lisa Kekaula [of The Bell Rays], guitarist Jon Brion [Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann] and the inimitable John Garcia [former frontman for Kyuss].

Citing a range of influences including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and New Order, it's not surprising that THE CRYSTAL METHOD marry these characters so effortlessly on Legion Of Boom.

Whether it is the gritty tech of 'Realizer' , the electro-funk of 'Bound Too Long' and 'American Way' or the heavy metal bluster of 'Weapons Of Mass Distortion' or the exhilarant first single, 'Born Too Slow' which features Garcia, the Las Vegas natives have retained the blistering dynamic and dancefloor saavy which infused their initial mid-'90's 12' singles and subsequent album debut, the pioneering Vegas.

This fall, starting on November 17th, 'Born Too Slow' will be featured on Need for Speed Underground, the latest arcade racing title in the hit Need For Speed video game series from Electronic Arts.

In a unique arrangement with SubUSA/Subliminal Records, Erick Morillo's remix and dub of 'Born Too Slow' will be released on vinyl the 25th of November. V2 will also release vinyl with mixes by Deepsky, EK and NuBreed on December 9. On the same date, a CD maxi-single including all mixes will also be released by V2.