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DJ Fergie Still Prays To Tony De Vit

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, December 6, 2003
Ireland's biggest superstar DJ Fergie chatted to Skrufff this week and revealed that he still feels his mentor remains with him in spirit, some 5 years after his death.

"I still speak to him and say a prayer for him regularly, he was a major influence on my life," said Fergie.

"The last time I saw Tony was when England played Argentina in the World Cup and me and Tony's boyfriend smuggled in a couple of Budweiser into the hospital. I remember sitting on his bed watching the football and having a few beers with him. Obviously, he wasn't well but we didn't think he was going to die."

The legendary DJ, who pioneered the style of dance music that later became known as hard house, met Fergie in Northern Ireland when he was 16 and championed him relentlessly until his death from AIDS related bone marrow failure and bronchial failure on Thursday 2d July 1998. Chatting to Benedetta Skrufff in 1997 before a South African tour, Tony was effusive in his praise.

"I'm bringing over what I call an 'up-and-coming-Baby-DJ' with me, his name is Fergie, he's from Northern Ireland and when I brought him over to play in the UK, he was so impressive," said Tony.

"He's 16 years old and he's going to blow them away, I want to introduce him to South Africans because he's such a talented DJ and I'd love people to hear him. He's like my little protege."

6 years on, Fergie remains highly conscious of his debt.

'Tony was a major influence on my life. My Mum always says to me, if they'd put their foot down and stopped me from coming to England until I was 18, Tony would have been already dead. It just shows you how different things might have been."

Fergie DJs at Gatecrasher's Christmas parties at Air (Birmingham) and Belfast's King's Hall on Boxing Day (December 26). He is also playing (for the first time ever) at Nation for Cream on Boxing Day.