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DURAN DURAN: 'Singles Box '81 - '85'

Author: pr
Monday, March 17, 2003
EMI Records are pleased to announce the release of the first ever Duran Duran box set, a 13 CD collection celebrating the very height of the band's career with their singles from 1981 to 1985.

From their very first single 'Planet Earth' to their James Bond theme tune 'A View To A Kill', the box also includes all the original 'B' sides to create a lusciously packaged discography for collectors and today's young electro-pop fans alike.

Spawned from the cutting edge alternative club scene in Birmingham in 1978, Duran Duran's remarkable pop sensibilities and New Romantic artschool glamour broke them almost instantly into the mainstream to become the biggest band of the 1980s. Stylistically influenced by Roxy Music and David Bowie, and musically by post-punk and disco, their manifesto boasted a new sound which would merge the 'Sex Pistols with Chic' - distinctive innovative keyboard sounds, dirty and melodic rock guitar, funky disco rhythm and bass and futuristic lyrics all combined to make pop gems (Girls On Film, Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf) ,or searing ballads (Save A Prayer, The Chauffeur) which captured the imagination along with their racy, groundbreaking videos.

They were the original boy band - teen idols that wrote and played their own songs with captivating energy. As visual pioneers, they became media sensations all over the world.

The packaging is a glossy flip top box housing 13 CDs in pouchettes, faithfully replicating the original single sleeve artwork designed by the renowned Malcolm Garrett and Pete Farrow.

Tracklisting & History

CD 1: PLANET EARTH (no.12, 11 weeks, 1981)
1/ Planet Earth
2/ Late Bar
3/ Planet Earth (Night Version)

CD 2: CARELESS MEMORIES (no. 37, 7 weeks, 1981)
1/ Careless Memories
2/ Khanada
3/ Fame

CD 3: GIRLS ON FILM (no. 5, 11 weeks, 1981)
1/ Girls On Film 3:30
2/ Faster Than Light
3/ Girls On Film (Night Version)

CD 4: MY OWN WAY (no. 14, 11 weeks, 1981)
1/ My Own Way (Single Version)
2/ Like An Angel
3/ My Own Way (Night Version)

CD 5: HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF (no. 5, 12 weeks, 1982)
1/ Hungry Like The Wolf
2/ Careless Memories (Live version)
3/ Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version)

CD 6: SAVE A PRAYER (No.2, 9 weeks, 1982)
1/ Save A Prayer (7" Edit)
2/ Hold Back The Rain (Re-Mix)
3/ Hold Back The Rain (12" Re-Mix)

CD 7: RIO (No. 9, 11 weeks, 1982)
1/ Rio (part one)
2/ Rio (part two)
3/ The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)
4/ My Own Way

CD 8: IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW- (No. 1, 9 weeks, 1983)
1/ Is There Something I Should Know-
2/ Faith In This Colour
3/ Is There Something I Should Know- (Monster Mix)
4/ Faith In This Colour (Alternate Slow Mix)

CD 9: UNION OF THE SNAKE (No. 3, 7 weeks, 1983)
1/ Union Of The Snake
2/ Secret Oktober
3/ Union Of The Snake (The Monkey Mix)

CD 10: NEW MOON ON MONDAY (No. 9, 7 weeks, 1984)
1/ New Moon On Monday (Album Version)
2/ Tiger Tiger
3/ New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix)

CD 11: THE REFLEX (No.1, 14 weeks, 1984)
1/ The Reflex (7" Version)
2/ Make Me Smile (Come Up And See me) (Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon)
3/ The Reflex (Dance Mix)

CD 12: THE WILD BOYS (No. 2, 14 weeks, 1984)
1/ The Wild Boys (45)
2/ (I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement (1984)
3/ The Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys) Extended Mix

CD 13: A VIEW TO A KILL (No. 2, 16 weeks, 1985)
1/ A View To A Kill
2/ A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss)

Duran Duran Singles Box Set Catalogue No: 7243 551728 2 2
Release date: 12 May 2003