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Dance Music Boosts France's Exports By 3000%

Saturday, January 25, 2003
France's embrace of electronic music in the early 90s caused French exports to increase from 1.5million to 39 million units a year, according to figures just released by the French Music Export Office.

The astonishing increase, prompted the worldwide success of band like Daft Punk, Air and St Germaine looks set to continue with new producers like the Hacker, Kiko and Miss Kittin pioneering the new electro wave.

"Because acts such as Daft Punk had few lyrics and most of their songs tended to be in English, they had a universal appeal," Source Records press officer Paul Guimaraes told Music Week. "They could have been from anywhere."

The massive rise in sales provides yet more proof of dance culture's truly international nature both in audience and producer terms.