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Erick Morillo Embraces Classic New York Disco

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 24, 2003
Erick Morillo's new mix CD for his renowned funky house label Subliminal has taken a radical new musical direction to include retro disco anthems from the last three decades of dance.

The upcoming double CD not only includes contemporary club classics like Lil Louis' French Kiss and Tyree's seminal acid house anthem Acid Crash but Dan Hartman's seminal late 70s anthem Relight My Fire, in its full 9 minutes extended version glory. The collection mixes and matches the older club tunes alongside new cuts from the likes of Harry Romero, Robbie Rivera and Monkey Bars and is certainly Sublimimal's most accessible and best mix CD yet.

Speaking to Skrufff last year, the former Reel 2 Real man reminisced about his first clubbing experiences, when many of the tracks on his new CD were first hitting the clubs.

"Back then I'd DJ anywhere for anyone who'd pay me $150, I didn't care," he recalled.

"I loved the art of Djing, this was before the era of superstar DJs unlike today when everybody in the world, including their Mom wants to be a DJ."

Subliminal Sessions 5 (compiled and mixed by Erick Morillo) is out on July 3.