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Ethan Nadelman's Call to Arms (Anti RAVE Act)

Author: Ethan Nadelmann
Tuesday, May 6, 2003
Today, President Bush signed the RAVE Act into law. Although it's a sad day for American freedom, I am also proud. I'm proud to be part of the thousands of people who, like you, came together to oppose the RAVE Act. I'm proud that your opposition made waves on Capitol Hill -waves that are seldom felt in Washington when it comes to draconian drug war bills.

The RAVE Act's sponsor, Senator Biden, angrily deplored the fact that his bill faced "fierce resistance." He then denounced Drug Policy Alliance in the official Congressional Record. Senator Leahy, one of two original co-sponsors of the RAVE Act that you helped turn against the bill, told reporters the RAVE Act faced "serious grass-roots opposition."

"Fierce resistance"- "Serious grass-roots opposition"- I like that and I've got one thing to say.

We've just begun to fight, Senator Biden!!!!

With your support, we will take on Attorney General John Ashcroft and the DEA every time they use the RAVE Act to try to shut down electronic dance events, raves, rock and hip hop concerts, hemp festivals, circuit parties, and other events. We will organize thousands of people to oppose this new government intrusion. We will launch an aggressive and relentless lobbying campaign to repeal the RAVE Act.

To do it, we need your help. This campaign costs real money. Contributions from people like you help us pay for lobbyists, grassroots organizing, and all the faxes we send to Congressional offices. If everyone on our 43,000 subscriber e-mail list gave us just $10 we would have what we need to repeal the RAVE Act. If you're willing to pay more than $10 to see your favorite shows, wouldn't you be willing to give at least $10 to protect them-

Will you commit to this fight and help us overturn this bad legislation- Since not everyone will be able to help us out, we ask that you consider giving $20 or more. Please donate $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever you can afford at:

If you're not convinced let us tell you one last thing. There's an iron law in Washington -- the more members you have, the more politicians listen. Because many of you have already taken action against the RAVE Act, if you donate $10 or more we will make you a member of the Alliance. That's $25 less than our regular dues and it will help us become even more effective!

The Drug Policy Alliance is committed to changing how our nation deals with drugs and drug abuse. We believe that people who use drugs and do no harm to others are no business of the state. We believe that people who have problems with drugs deserve help, not punishment. We believe that people who hurt others should be brought to justice, whether or not they are under the influence of drugs. We believe, in short, in freedom, compassion, and responsibility.

To reach that point we need more people like you to step forward with action and financial support. Please respond today!

Ethan Nadelmann
Executive Director